Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fleeting memories of my summer in Tokyo...

At the end of June 2012, I set flight to the land of the rising sun.
By the start of July 2012, I had arrived. An infinite sea of Japanese faces awaited me. A whole new city at my doorstep. And hence began my unforgettable month in Japan.

 Harajuku - Meiji Jingu Mae shrine

 Little wooden placards with far too much kanji for me to comprehend...

 The famous Takeshita Dori, a little piece of fashion heaven! I spent most of my alone time here since my school was located right in the center of Harajuku. I got to know it quite well, actually! I definitely recommend Takeshita Dori for shopping if you're on a tight budget: if you take your time and look around, you'll find some really good deals!

 A temple in Asakusa. I went to Asakusa once with my school group, but I wish I had had time to go back and try on a yukata or buy more traditional food!

 My...lovely.... bed

 Another little piece of heaven, Shibuya 109! That's right, nearly infinite levels of super fashionable clothing just for women. (There's also a men's version of this mall, but I couldn't be bothered going in)

 A tall, tall building in Shinjuku. I only went to Shinjuku alone once, and I got lost searching for the Marui 1! I tried to look at maps, but the maps are next to the smoking section and it's quite unpleasant standing there in the cigarette smoke. I suppose it's better than walking around in a perpetual cloud of cigarette smoke like in France, though....

 Gaiden sushi! Personally, I'm not a big sushi eater (I'm vegetarian) but I really wanted to try one of these! All I ended up eating was some omelette sushi, though

 Me in front of a pet shop in Shibuya 

 At the Zoo in Ueno! The day we went, a baby panda had just died, so there were a lot of cameramen everywhere....

 A Harajuku crepe! These are overwhelmingly sweet, even for a huge sweet tooth like me. 

A super cute ice cream sundae I had at a Maid Cafe! Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures of the maids (you had to pay 500 yen for a photo with one of the maids! I'm too cheap for that) The maid cafe is called "maid dreamin[g]", it's the biggest chain of maid cafes in Japan I believe. 

 With my lovely makeup artist after a photo shoot ;)


A life-size model Sephrioth! You can go admire his delicious abs at the Final Fantasy store in Shinjuku. The store is quite small, but there are two sections separated by a small staircase. As I was walking up to the second section, I realized I was stepping on something...I freaked out, and then realized it was Sephrioth, so I freaked out even more and started taking pictures like crazy (although I was quite sly about taking pictures because it's usually forbidden in shops)

 A gorgeous view of a traditional garden in Tokyo (forgot the name...)

 Akihabara at night! I didn't go to Akiba very often, it was too confusing for my terrible sense of orientation. I did go to the Don Quihote there though, I even bought a cute pair of shorts for only 500 yen!

 I crossed this little red temple on the way to the Ghibli museum in Mitaka. I believe it's a Shinto temple? I didn't see many red ones like this in Tokyo. 

 Outside the Ghibli museum. Photos weren't allowed inside, unfortunately! But definitely drop by this museum  if you're a fan of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, it's not very big but really lovely. There's even a giant stuffed Cat bus that you can climb in, if you're under the age of 8 ;D

Me in front of an old building in the courtyard of an international High School on the outskirts of Tokyo...

And finally, a quick snapshot of a big festival my last full day in Japan. It was a local festival, but there were sooooooo many people! I didn't realize this many people lived in the quiet little neighborhood I was staying in! 

Here is a video I posted on my youtube channel with footage from Takeshita Dori and Shibuya 109, if you're interested: 
I'm afraid it's quite wobbly, I kinda had to sneak my camera around to avoid looking like a stalker!

I hope you've enjoyed this quick, abridged version of my trip to Tokyo. More posts soon to come!

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