Sunday, March 20, 2011

first sign of spring

I wore this outfit yesterday to cheer myself up.

I finally found a nice place to take pictures in my room.

JSK: Bodyline
Socks: Baby, the stars shine bright
Blouse: Random French boutique
Bows: Handmade

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Textile Love Affair. (and giveaway)

Today I went to an art museum to see Zandra Rhodes's designs. Zandra Rhodes is an internationally renowned British designer, who I believe is moving or has moved to my area. I wasn't wearing lolita, so no outfit pics, but I thought I would share some pictures from the museum since there were lots of things that I'm sure would appeal a fashion lover's imagination.

These where just a few of my favorite pieces.
Also, there was another exposition on Romanian folk art treasures, and there were also some lovely garments.

There was a permanent exhibit of a few intricate doll houses as well.

And finally, Starre Princess is having a giveaway celebrating 100 followers!!
Hope you don't mind this abnormal post! Hopefully I will post something more lolita-ish soon.

Monday, February 21, 2011

And so then I migrated....

Hello again! I haven't posted in a long time, unfortunately - but it's for all very good reasons.
You see, I haven't been wearing any new outfits recently.
Anyways, I went to my local Japanese Market on Sunday and wore my bodyline jumperskirt that I bought a while back but never got the chance (or inspiration) to wear. I was thinking about selling it, actually, but I liked how my coordinate turned out so I think I'll keep it for now.

Oh knees are showing...
Also, I've started making videos on YouTube, mainly talking about lolita fashion. Here is the video I took that day.

Thank you for reading! Have a nice day!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Sorry I haven't posted in a while!! I haven't had much time lately, school has started again and I hosted a Japanese exchange student for a week. It was a great experience but ate up any time I happened to have lying around...

A few weeks back, I finished a winter-ish jumperskirt. I hope you like it! The top is lined - even though you can't tell - it was my first time lining anything.

JSK: Handmade
Scarf: Local indie shop
Random boutique in France
Cardigan: Pink Zone
Bonnet: Alice and the Pirates
Collar: Reconstruction (I took the fake fur off some gloves and turned it into a collar, haha)
Shoes: Soda
Tights: JCPenny

I don't post my doodles often, but since I'm here, these are two that I drew this week-end. The first is a resolution motivational poster, it's drawn with the words of my new year's resolution - does that make sense? The second is some random picture I found on tumblr that I thought was adorable so I drew it.

And finally, I'll end this with a picture of my darling Colette. She received a new, nicer wig the other day, and I just recently finished making a new dress for her.

(How I wish I were as photogenic as she is)