Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Great Russian Nut-Cracker

Yesterday I went to Downtown San Diego to see the Russian Ballet that came from Moscow to perform the Nut-cracker. I decided to
wear a simple classic lolita coordinate. For once I didn't feel
overdressed at all, since many ladies around me wore long, luxurious coats and fancy fur hats.

Skirt: Handmade
Socks: Target
Cardigan: Thrift store in London
Blouse: Random boutique in France
Scarf: Local indie shop
Rose: Yardage Town
Shoes: Soda

The Ballet was amazing! The dancers were simply splendid, almost
inhumanly talented, and the costumes were gorgeous. Though I'm not the biggest fan of Classical music (how un-loli of me, haha) I really enjoyed the music. Who knows, Classical music may grow on me?

To the right is a book I got as a souvenir. The art is wonderful!

Although it may be complicated to see this same performance - I know it was only in my area one night - I do recommend you all see a version of the Nut-cracker this Holiday season, if you haven't already!

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