Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fleeting memories of my summer in Tokyo...

At the end of June 2012, I set flight to the land of the rising sun.
By the start of July 2012, I had arrived. An infinite sea of Japanese faces awaited me. A whole new city at my doorstep. And hence began my unforgettable month in Japan.

 Harajuku - Meiji Jingu Mae shrine

 Little wooden placards with far too much kanji for me to comprehend...

 The famous Takeshita Dori, a little piece of fashion heaven! I spent most of my alone time here since my school was located right in the center of Harajuku. I got to know it quite well, actually! I definitely recommend Takeshita Dori for shopping if you're on a tight budget: if you take your time and look around, you'll find some really good deals!

 A temple in Asakusa. I went to Asakusa once with my school group, but I wish I had had time to go back and try on a yukata or buy more traditional food!

 My...lovely.... bed

 Another little piece of heaven, Shibuya 109! That's right, nearly infinite levels of super fashionable clothing just for women. (There's also a men's version of this mall, but I couldn't be bothered going in)

 A tall, tall building in Shinjuku. I only went to Shinjuku alone once, and I got lost searching for the Marui 1! I tried to look at maps, but the maps are next to the smoking section and it's quite unpleasant standing there in the cigarette smoke. I suppose it's better than walking around in a perpetual cloud of cigarette smoke like in France, though....

 Gaiden sushi! Personally, I'm not a big sushi eater (I'm vegetarian) but I really wanted to try one of these! All I ended up eating was some omelette sushi, though

 Me in front of a pet shop in Shibuya 

 At the Zoo in Ueno! The day we went, a baby panda had just died, so there were a lot of cameramen everywhere....

 A Harajuku crepe! These are overwhelmingly sweet, even for a huge sweet tooth like me. 

A super cute ice cream sundae I had at a Maid Cafe! Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures of the maids (you had to pay 500 yen for a photo with one of the maids! I'm too cheap for that) The maid cafe is called "maid dreamin[g]", it's the biggest chain of maid cafes in Japan I believe. 

 With my lovely makeup artist after a photo shoot ;)


A life-size model Sephrioth! You can go admire his delicious abs at the Final Fantasy store in Shinjuku. The store is quite small, but there are two sections separated by a small staircase. As I was walking up to the second section, I realized I was stepping on something...I freaked out, and then realized it was Sephrioth, so I freaked out even more and started taking pictures like crazy (although I was quite sly about taking pictures because it's usually forbidden in shops)

 A gorgeous view of a traditional garden in Tokyo (forgot the name...)

 Akihabara at night! I didn't go to Akiba very often, it was too confusing for my terrible sense of orientation. I did go to the Don Quihote there though, I even bought a cute pair of shorts for only 500 yen!

 I crossed this little red temple on the way to the Ghibli museum in Mitaka. I believe it's a Shinto temple? I didn't see many red ones like this in Tokyo. 

 Outside the Ghibli museum. Photos weren't allowed inside, unfortunately! But definitely drop by this museum  if you're a fan of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, it's not very big but really lovely. There's even a giant stuffed Cat bus that you can climb in, if you're under the age of 8 ;D

Me in front of an old building in the courtyard of an international High School on the outskirts of Tokyo...

And finally, a quick snapshot of a big festival my last full day in Japan. It was a local festival, but there were sooooooo many people! I didn't realize this many people lived in the quiet little neighborhood I was staying in! 

Here is a video I posted on my youtube channel with footage from Takeshita Dori and Shibuya 109, if you're interested: 
I'm afraid it's quite wobbly, I kinda had to sneak my camera around to avoid looking like a stalker!

I hope you've enjoyed this quick, abridged version of my trip to Tokyo. More posts soon to come!

If you've got no place to go...

Needless to say, Christmas has come and gone, and here I am writing a new blog post after almost 2 years.
I've decided that one of my New Year's resolutions is not to neglect this blog anymore.
In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of the little Southern French town I'm living in all decked out in Christmas lights!
The streets of Grasse

A cute little robot bear thing in the window of Fragonard

Sunday, March 20, 2011

first sign of spring

I wore this outfit yesterday to cheer myself up.

I finally found a nice place to take pictures in my room.

JSK: Bodyline
Socks: Baby, the stars shine bright
Blouse: Random French boutique
Bows: Handmade

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Textile Love Affair. (and giveaway)

Today I went to an art museum to see Zandra Rhodes's designs. Zandra Rhodes is an internationally renowned British designer, who I believe is moving or has moved to my area. I wasn't wearing lolita, so no outfit pics, but I thought I would share some pictures from the museum since there were lots of things that I'm sure would appeal a fashion lover's imagination.

These where just a few of my favorite pieces.
Also, there was another exposition on Romanian folk art treasures, and there were also some lovely garments.

There was a permanent exhibit of a few intricate doll houses as well.

And finally, Starre Princess is having a giveaway celebrating 100 followers!!
Hope you don't mind this abnormal post! Hopefully I will post something more lolita-ish soon.

Monday, February 21, 2011

And so then I migrated....

Hello again! I haven't posted in a long time, unfortunately - but it's for all very good reasons.
You see, I haven't been wearing any new outfits recently.
Anyways, I went to my local Japanese Market on Sunday and wore my bodyline jumperskirt that I bought a while back but never got the chance (or inspiration) to wear. I was thinking about selling it, actually, but I liked how my coordinate turned out so I think I'll keep it for now.

Oh knees are showing...
Also, I've started making videos on YouTube, mainly talking about lolita fashion. Here is the video I took that day.

Thank you for reading! Have a nice day!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Sorry I haven't posted in a while!! I haven't had much time lately, school has started again and I hosted a Japanese exchange student for a week. It was a great experience but ate up any time I happened to have lying around...

A few weeks back, I finished a winter-ish jumperskirt. I hope you like it! The top is lined - even though you can't tell - it was my first time lining anything.

JSK: Handmade
Scarf: Local indie shop
Random boutique in France
Cardigan: Pink Zone
Bonnet: Alice and the Pirates
Collar: Reconstruction (I took the fake fur off some gloves and turned it into a collar, haha)
Shoes: Soda
Tights: JCPenny

I don't post my doodles often, but since I'm here, these are two that I drew this week-end. The first is a resolution motivational poster, it's drawn with the words of my new year's resolution - does that make sense? The second is some random picture I found on tumblr that I thought was adorable so I drew it.

And finally, I'll end this with a picture of my darling Colette. She received a new, nicer wig the other day, and I just recently finished making a new dress for her.

(How I wish I were as photogenic as she is)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

a very merry un-Christmas to you...

Well, Christmas is over once again! Let us enjoy it little while longer as I show my Christmas presents....

This is what I wore that morning.
Skirt: Alice and the Pirates
Socks: Target
Sweater: ???
Blouse: Gap (found in a thrift store in London)
Broach (you'll see it later): Costco

Now onto the most important part, presents!!!

I got this lovely broach from my dad. It's a blue kitty, my favorite color and animal!

I've been wanting to read these books for a
while. I've already started Memoirs of a Geisha randomly at school, but I wanted to finish it. And Sorcery and Cecilia was recommended by
the blog "The Weekend Lolita" and I wanted to try it out! (Here is the article, if you're interested:

Recently, I've been into cardigans. So I got a lot of new ones in the past few weeks. I got the one on the far right for Christmas, though. (The one on the left is from Nordstrom rack, the middle is from Pink Zone and the right is from Costco)

I also got a new petticoat from my mom! I usually wear two petticoats, one handmade and one from some random kid's store. Unfortunately, the handmade one is really itchy so I have to wear the flat kid's petti underneath, which makes my waist very bulky! This petticoat is very fluffy and comfortable. It's from Leg Avenue, but my mom got it at a local weird-alternative-secondhand-stuff shop called "Flashbacks".

And finally, I got my BJD that I mentioned in an earlier post! How exciting! She is so gorgeous, I can't get over it. I made her a dress really quickly, so it's not the best, but she would still look adorable if she were wearing a trash bag.
Her name is Colette! She is an Asleep Eidolon Cherry, normal skin.